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aka Running Horse

aka Zoë Elise Binetti

z. performs, teaches and lives a passionate performance art woven from visceral poetry of bodies, objects and space. 

Her practice is inspired by happenings where healing ceremonies and good entertainment were often one and the same thing, performed by 'sacred clowns'.

Her works are multi-layered, queer, wack, full of love for our living and dying with a damaged earth and accessible from various angles. 

She performs in alleyways, forests, broken and unseen places as well as more traditional theatre settings.

The main pillars of her work are:

BUTOH is danced communication between the landscape that surrounds us and the landscape of our physical bodies as the meeting and living place of our senses, mind, imagination and dreams.  

z. teaches weekly butoh classes in Bern, hosts

workshops in nature and facilitates sensorial theatre pieces.

MUSIC, listen to the debut album "Zizi Transistor's Side Show" HERE

z. toured a performative concert with her dark-folk band "The Dead Lullabies".

 Stories, prayers and dadaism were brewed into songs and dances for an out-of-tune piano and a low-fi voice searching for the wilderness, carried by the juicy beats of Ben Fondas drumming.

 Sound is the other starting point in z.s work, next to movement.

z. creates self made instruments and sounding installations as a means to go into a deep listening resonance with her audience and the space in which she performs.

RITUAL THEATRE ceremonial performance art.

In many cultures when a shaman came into a house with her helpers to relieve a patient of their suffering, they put on a big show. States of trance where evoked through bizzare rituals, 'sacred trickery', belief systems, plant medicines and spells. Often the shamans and their entourage appeared in dress and behavior that already suggested the other worldly, the bizarre, the irrational, in order to create a crack in so-called reality.

Studies have shown that it does not matter if such kind of magic is "real". Actually, it might be better for our rational mind to be able to identify it as "performance art" - giving safe space for needs, desires, dreams and visions of the (collective) subconscious to exist.

 Letting our fierce, creative realms live through our flesh, bones, dance and song makes our unique medicine accessible to us, in service of all our relations.

The Ritual Theatre work of z. draws on these understandings and applies them in an anarchist, poetic and sensitive way to create theatre that makes us feel home and healing within our being whilst riding a wild horse into the unknown of our interconnectedness.


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